Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Require Additional Procedures Over the Years? New York, NY

Real BBL Petient of Dr. Delvecchio one year after BBL

Part of the popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift in New York is due to the fact that it’s a minimally invasive procedure that in some patients, uses only local anesthetic. Another reason is, of course, the natural look of your enhanced buttocks and the fact that they keep that look for years.

That longevity is because once fat survives, like a skin graft, it remains alive for the life of the person! This is why most patients do not need to come back for any more procedures, even after several years. Of course, of you have the desires to be bigger, you may opt for a “ROUND TWO” Like hair transplantation in men, it is sometimes not possible to reach your desired result in only one stage, and this of course depends on your expectations and on your desired result.

Brazilian Butt Lift in New York starts with a large quantity of saline mixed with Epinephrine- which is a capillary constrictor that prevents blood loss during the liposuction. The injection of this dilution is called the tumescent technique. The tissue where the injections were made then becomes swollen. That’s what tumescent means. The water diluting the epinephrine also provides fluid to the body during liposuction.

All these things together are what allow Dr Del Vecchio to harvest a large amount of fat safely. This also accounts for the high success rate- 65%-85%- for fat graft survival after the procedure is done. The other reason your butt lift still looks so good comes later.

After a few months, the fat grafts should have “taken” and will start to become vascularized. This means they develop blood vessels and are incorporated into your body’s circulatory system. The grafts receive the proper oxygenation and eventually look like they’ve been there all along, achieving a uniform, natural appearance.

Have you always wanted a slimmer midsection and fuller buttocks? Dr. Del Vecchio is a leading Brazilian but lift surgeon, and he and his staff can give you the figure you’ve been dreaming about. For the best Brazilian Butt Lift in New York contact Uptown Body Contouring today to schedule a free consultation!

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