Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Lipo 360? New York, NY
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Liposuction has been one of the most requested body contouring procedures for decades. Genetics, hormones, medications and other factors can contribute to stubborn fat deposits that are difficult to remove with diet or exercise. The abdomen is a popular spot for liposuction, but this only removes fat from the front of the lower torso. For some patients, Lipo 360 may be a better choice for optimal body contouring.

What Is Liposuction 360?

Liposuction or “lipo” 360 is a method for contouring the entire lower torso, not just the abdomen. Abdominal liposuction can remove fat on the front of the body, but many people with a belly also have fat on their waist, lower back, hips and 360 degrees around their torso. Lipo 360 is performed like any other liposuction procedure, but it may require multiple small incisions to access the fat deposits around the torso. Patients are under general anesthesia during the procedure and can expect to require recovery time and wear compression garments after their surgery.

Is Lipo 360 Right for You?

If you have been considering liposuction to flatten a chubby tummy, you may want to consider Lipo 360. For those who have rolls on their sides, love handles or lower back fat, you may benefit from body contouring that addresses all these areas. Ideal candidates for Lipo 360 have fat deposits on both the front, back and sides of their lower torso and want a slimmer, improved shape for their body. It is important that patients are healthy enough for surgery and have good elasticity in their skin.

Complimentary Procedures

Lipo 360 can be completed with other body contouring options to create a stunning new appearance. BBL surgery and fat transfer breast augmentation can use the fat removed from the midsection in Lipo 360 to enhance the butt or breasts.

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