Tips For Preparing For A Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure New York, NY
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After doing all of your research, consulting with experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio and scheduling your Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, the time has come to prepare for your surgery. Here are a few things that we at Uptown Body Contouring recommend you do prior to your procedure!

Get Your Financing in Order
After looking into if surgery is something that you are financially prepared for, you may need a bit of help. Be sure to check out our financing options through CareCredit, Med Loan Finance and to see how you can afford your Brazilian Butt Lift without breaking the bank!
Eat a Balanced Diet Up Until the Procedure
Before your procedure, Dr. Del Vecchio takes measurements and evaluations of your body. It is important for you to maintain a consistent weight up until your surgery, so do not overeat or begin a deprivation diet within days of your procedure. We want you to be healthy and strong enough for your procedure so you can have a successful recovery afterward!
Be Sure to Rest
While a surgical procedure may seem a bit intimidating, it’s nothing to lose sleep over! Being well rested prior to your procedure is extremely important, as your body needs sleep to be able to repair itself.
Create an Exercise Plan You Can Stick With
Before your procedure, getting a glute-targeting workout regimen planned is key. Consulting a personal trainer or even finding butt workouts on YouTube can only accentuate your results. When you’re able to exercise again, it’s important to keep up with the great results that Dr. Del Vecchio created!dd>

If you have any other questions regarding what to do prior to your procedure, or would even like to learn more about a Brazilian Butt Lift, please do not hesitate to contact Uptown Body Contouring today!

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