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Carla - Patient of the month

Here at Uptown Body Contouring, we work closely with our patients from around the world to help them obtain their shapely body goals. We’re thrilled to introduce our April patient of the month, Carla.

With the patient of the month, we’ll be highlighting the amazing post-op results of our patients.

Carla, a 45-year-old female, has always wanted to enhance her buttocks. She wanted to ditch her sag and trade it in for more youthful, shapely buttocks. Richie, Carla’s boyfriend, knew just the right place to contact. Carla underwent a BBL from one of the best plastic surgeons in New York City, our very own Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio. Check out her beautiful results months after her operation.

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Testimonial: “My experience of my bbl with Dr. Delveccio… I’m in the clouds, I can’t believe he managed to make my butt turn into something so beautiful. At 48, he made me fall in love with myself and gave me the confidence I wanted. I step in front of the mirror I have to pinch myself to believe it’s me. When I met the dr I was determined to go do my surgery in Colombia because it was cheaper but when I learned that I would have to stay there for 3 weeks for not being able to travel I decided to go see the dr and I explained to them the dr what I wanted. He was very frank and told me what he could do and also told me about things that could go wrong (for example the fact that after lipo I could get excess skin) he gave me a lot of confidence and during the appointment, I was able to notice that he really knew what he was doing. And the result only came to confirm what I already knew. I can’t help but talk about the office and the staff he works with, from the nurse to the anesthesiologist who did everything to calm me down and gave me confidence that I only remember laughing when I slept. I will recommend him and if you need to ask me questions feel free to do it.”

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