How Soon Can You Take Your Child to Get Ear Surgery? New York, NY

In comparison to the rest of the face, the ears tend to get overlooked. However, if they are protruding or deformed, they stand out significantly. Many people with unusual ears are embarrassed by them and may experience emotional distress, which negatively impacts their overall health. The good news is that ears can be made more symmetrical and balanced with a quick and easy operation.

Cosmetic ear surgery (also called otoplasty or ear pinning) can change the position, shape and size of the ears. This procedure is one of the few forms of plastic surgery that can be done on children and is even advised in some cases. It can be a life-changing treatment, especially for children, because their developing minds are vulnerable to external influences, which can sabotage their confidence level for years to come.

How Old Does Your Child Have to Be to Get Ear Surgery?

It is undeniable that kids who have abnormally large or protruding ears can avoid a lot of bullying if they get plastic surgery. According to research, this kind of behavior can have serious repercussions for children, including low self-esteem, difficulties interacting socially and even lower academic achievement.

Every parent wants their children to have the best chance of success in life. The ideal scenario is to take them to a skilled plastic surgeon for otoplasty before they start school. This decision could prevent many distressing experiences from ever happening.

If a baby is born with an ear-shape concern, splinting could address the issue if performed right after the baby is born. Otherwise, the youngster must wait until their ears are fully grown. For most individuals, that is any time after age five.

Is Your Child Prepared for Ear Surgery?

You can tell if your kid is ready for otoplasty by assessing whether they can comprehend and accept the idea of getting their ears reshaped. To aid in their recovery, the youngster should be able to understand and carry out simple instructions. Otoplasty is surgery that needs to be followed by rest and recuperation. In order to keep the ears in their new position while they recover, the patient is instructed to wear a specific dressing, such as a headband, for at least a week.

As otoplasty in children is often performed under general anesthesia, your plastic surgeon will need a comprehensive medical history to ensure the child’s safety and the best possible outcome from the treatment. Most children can return to school about a week after having their ears pinned with minimal discomfort.

Solutions are available for ear dissatisfaction in children and adults. Call Uptown Body Contouring in New York at (212) 858-0500 or visit us to see if otoplasty is suitable for your situation. We also offer free virtual consultations through our website.

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