Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Instructions New York, NY
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It can generally be expected to take around six months to fully recover from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. Patients can expect some soreness and discomfort following the procedure, and they will need to take care to avoid disrupting the transplanted fat cells while recovering.

Doctors typically recommend that patients do not sit down at all during the entire recovery period. Sitting puts pressure on the fat cells that have been transferred. In the worst case scenario, sitting down can even end up killing the new fat grafts and compromising the success of the procedure.

Not only should sitting be avoided after the procedure, but putting many different types of pressure on the buttocks area is risky. After the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, the new cells will be delicate. They will need to develop a network of blood vessels so that blood can properly circulate.

Usually, the surgeon who performs the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will recommend appropriate resting positions for the recovery period. Patients will be instructed to sleep on their sides rather than on their back to prevent pressure on the buttocks.

Patients also need to avoid putting pressure on the new butt cells by not putting themselves in either a squatting or stretching position that will stretch out the skin on the butt.

Recovering from the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will typically require patients to wear a compression garment that will maintain any swelling that takes place immediately after the procedure. This garment will put appropriate pressure on the buttocks that does not stress the newly transplanted cells but does encourage fluids to drain properly.

Otherwise, patients will be instructed to eat a well-balanced diet in the days after the procedure to help their body heal as quickly as possible. Patients are encouraged not to smoke because smoking hampers circulation, and proper circulation is highly important in healing from any type of surgical procedure.

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