Achieve Washboard Abs with Abdominal Etching New York, NY

The path to achieving washboard abs is a challenging one. These abs can only be obtained with intense training and a strict diet. In some cases, genetics or hormones may make it nearly impossible to achieve defined abs naturally. However, if you have tried exercise and diet but can still not develop visible abdominal muscles, high-definition abdominal etching may be the solution.

What is Hi-Definition Abdominal Etching?

Abdominal etching is a procedure that removes fat from the stomach to reveal the washboard abs hiding beneath. The procedure is simple, safe and very effective. Depending on how much fat is removed, it can be performed under general or local anesthetic.

A narrow cannula is placed into a small incision to contour the abs while eliminating extra fat. Additionally, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio may utilize power-assisted liposuction (PAL) to attain a more pronounced etching. Finally, Dr. Del Vecchio will use sutures to close the incisions once the fat has been removed and the abdominal muscles are clearly defined.

Some benefits of abdominal etching include:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Eliminates stomach/abdominal fat, hence emphasizing your natural abs
  • Enhances and improves athletic physique
  • Tightens the abdominal skin
  • Minimal to no scarring
  • Minimal discomfort and pain
  • Fast, comfortable recovery
  • Long-lasting results

Are You a Good Candidate for Abdominal Etching?

To be a suitable candidate for high-definition abdominal etching, you must already be in good physical shape, with minimum pinchable belly fat and good muscle tone. In addition, your body fat percentage should ideally be low (sub 20%).

If you maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, the results of abdominal etching can last for a very long time. This is because this surgical procedure does not prevent the creation of new fat cells.

Finally, Get Your Six-Pack

Uptown Body Contouring uses high-definition abdominal etching to eliminate stubborn belly fat and define your muscles so you can finally see your six-pack. Call Uptown Body Contouring today to schedule a consultation with professional plastic surgeon Dr. Del Vecchio or visit our New York, NY clinic. We will be delighted to give you more information on how to get rock-hard abs with abdominal etching.

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